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Traveller’s Top Tips to Pack Smart

Traveller’s Top Tips to Pack Smart

Staying with us over Easter? Have a look at these Traveller’s Top Tips to Pack Smart as advised by Top Contributors in Trip Advisor.


Tip #1: Pack light to travel light

Only bring the necessary and if you can, manage with a carry-on without checking in. We provide washer and dryer for you to have clean laundry as you go without needing to pack for the whole duration of your stay.




Tip #2: Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs

These items don’t take up much space and they will come in handy if you need to catch some sleep on the plane, train or even in the car if you are road tripping here.



Tip #3: Capitalise on empty suitcase space

Smart travellers roll their clothes, instead of folding them to make full use of suitcase space. Stuff socks, underwear, and accessories inside of shoes, leaving no space unused. Remove creases on your clothes, with the ironing facility provided in your apartment.



Tip #4: Keep a sarong or pashmina in your carry-on

If you do not have sarong or pashmina handy (we don’t), bring a small wool or cotton blanket or bring along the biggest shawl you have in your wardrobe to keep you warm throughout your journey here.




Tip #5: Bag it

Don’t you hate it when your essentials leak because of the air pressure while flying? Resealable bags acts as a double barrier to avoid unnecessary mess and it has multiple uses for your shoes or even accessories.



Tip #6: Skip airport snacks and bring your own

Food and beverages sold in the airport can be expensive – prepare some light refreshments and snacks in case of delayed flight.




Tip #7: Create compartments

Be organised and pack according to your itinerary. If you are visiting multiple cities, pack them separately in your suitcase to save yourself some time from packing and unpacking multiple times.



Tip #8: Share your packing space

Take the advantage of travelling as a couple by splitting your clothes between two suitcases in case one goes missing (we hope not!) during your journey here. If you are flying and have both carry-on and check-in suitcases, pack light clothing in your carry-on if the suitcase does not arrive as expected.





Tip # 9: Bring a multi-socket extension cord

This is a given as most people would have at least one electronic device on them while travelling. If you are from overseas, you will only need one universal plug for one extension cord which can be used to charge all of your electronics at once.



Tip #10: Make photocopies before leaving home

Instead of paper-photocopies, why not take photos of your important documents and have it stored in the cloud. If you do not have a cloud storage, just email copies of the documents to yourself so that you can access it on other devices as well.




Do you have travel tips to share with us? Drop us an email at and tell us all about it!

Posted (10-Apr-2017)

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