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Long Term Accommodation Melbourne

Long Term Accommodation Melbourne

Melbourne is the world's most liveable city. If you are relocating to Melbourne for business and need long term accommodation that is affordable, safe and close to everything, Melbourne's eastern suburbs are the perfect base.

These days with ease of travel, more people than ever are relocating to Melbourne for work. As a truly international city with people from all over the world, Melbourne also hosts visiting families who stay for several weeks or months. Nowadays, booking a longer stay in long term accommodation in Melbourne, is the smartest option for both visitors and for families and individuals who are relocating. If you are moving to Melbourne, we've got some great tips to help you settle in.


An Exciting, Liveable City

Melbourne is a very popular destination and has a booming tourism industry. In fact, statistics show that Melbourne hosts around 2.7 million international visitors per year and approximately 9.3 million interstate visitors. 

It's no surprise about the popularity of this beautiful city, famous for its elegant streets lined with historic buildings, established parks, greenery, and of course its coffee and fashion. Melbourne is definitely the most European of Australian cities and is Australia's second largest city.


Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs

Like most cities, Melbourne spreads out to the four directions, with each area offering something different. The eastern suburbs follow the direction of Melbourne's famous Yarra River, out towards the Dandenong Ranges and the Yarra Valley. The Dandenong ranges is the closest mountain range on the edge of Melbourne, filled with stunning Mountain Ash forests, walking trails and tourist villages. The east is also the gateway to the Yarra Valley, a popular tourist location for boutique wineries, day spas, wedding venues and gourmet food.

Melbourne's eastern suburbs are the green belt of Melbourne. Known for beautiful houses and parkland, the eastern suburbs are a popular area for relocating, providing quick access to the CBD, schools, great shopping and a number of bustling business centres. For long term accommodation Melbourne, the eastern suburbs are ideally located in close proximity to major tourist attractions as well. 

Park Avenue offers guests a choice of long term accommodation and relocation apartments in Melbourne's eastern suburbs in four locations:

  • Glenview  - luxury 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments with state of the art appliances and furnishings. Plenty of privacy and located on a quiet street. Find out more about Glenview serviced apartments Glen Waverley.
  • Ikon  - luxury 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, 1 minute to the station and 300 metres from The Glen Shopping Centre. Find out more about Ikon Glen Waverley apartments
  • Glen Waverley Townhouses - spacious 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses and courtyards for children to play. Find out more about our  Melbourne family holiday accommodation.
  • Forest Hill Townhouse - 1 or 2 bedroom Forest Hill townhouses, close to parkland, the aquatic centre, with secure courtyards for children. Find out more about our Forest Hill accommodation.

Moving To Melbourne

Whether you are travelling as a tourist and looking for short stay accommodation, or you are relocating and bringing the whole family, moving to a new city involves a period of adjustment as you find your way around, get acquainted with local customs and meet new people. Fortunately Melbourne is easy to get around, whether travelling by car or on public transport.

The eastern suburbs of Melbourne is well serviced by trams from the city, as well as multiple train lines and buses. You can plan your trip via the Public Transport Victoria website. The major roads and highways are also easily accessible from the east. 




Tips To Help You Settle In When Moving To Melbourne

Here ares some handy tips to help you settle in when you first move to Melbourne:


1. Get to know public transport

Using public transport is a really great way of learning about a city, when you relocate, and even if you are visiting for a long term stay. Being in an unfamiliar place and having to negotiate different routes requires some extra time, so make sure to build this into your planning.

Melbourne's public transport system is very simple to use. Getting around Melbourne on trains, trams and buses, requires the purchase of a Myki card. Myki cards can be purchased from convenience stores and then topped up with money from your bank account. You can add value to your card at a Myki machine located at train stations, on trams, and at a central bus terminus. You can find out more about ticketing from Metro

Even if you are getting around by car most of the time, taking a trip on Melbourne's public transport is a great way to get to know the city. If you are staying in accommodation in the eastern suburbs and plan on travelling to the CBD, public transport is by far the best option. Car parking in the centre of the city can be very expensive and more difficult to find. 



2. Research & use local services

If you are relocating to a new city or staying long term, you'll need to shop for everyday items and access services. Many of the things we take for granted as being able to do efficiently when we're in a familiar environment, can end up being time-consuming and frustrating when in a new city. Shopping for fresh affordable food, knowing where the best supermarkets and pharmacies are located, and where to find a doctor, are important. 

Melbourne's eastern suburbs have multiple shopping centres. If you are staying in Glen Waverley accommodation, The Glen shopping centre is the place to find everything you need. Ikon Glen Waverley apartments are located only 300 metres away and Glen View serviced apartments Glen Waverley are a few minutes on foot. 

Kingsway in Glen Waverley is the place to find all sorts of wonderful food and eateries. A multicultural food precinct, here you'll find great cafes, burgers, and plenty of asian-style food.  From a cheap eat to a classier meal, there's definitely something for all tastes.

If you're staying in accommodation in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, Glen Waverley has every convenience for new visitors to Melbourne, and with everything within easy distance, getting around is easy and convenient.

Don't forget to download apps and find out about local online services. For example search Concrete Playground, Good Food, and Broadsheet for local recommendations, and try Menulog and Uber Eats for your best local food delivery.


3. Talk to strangers

Depending on your personality, this next suggestion may be exciting or may put you a little out of your comfort zone. Whichever it is, its worth the extra effort. When you move to a new city one of the best ways of settling in is to get to know people. Locals have all the best knowledge, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Locals are also the best source for all the really important information, that can't be found anywhere online. Local connections are particularly important if you are relocating to Melbourne permanently. They can recommend the best schools, the best medical services, not to mention the best place to grab one of Melbourne's famous coffees. 



4. Take a walk

Whether you are relocating to Melbourne for work or just visiting long term on a holiday, taking a walk in your local area is one of the best ways to start feeling at home. Melbourne is known as the world's most liveable city and part of the reason for this reputation is the amount of parkland and trees it provides. The eastern suburbs of Melbourne is by far the greenest part of Melbourne, with plenty of beautiful parks, walking tracks and recreational facilities. Jells Park and Glen Waverley Golf Course are premium parks, offering nature walks, birdlife and opportunities for picnics and barbecues. A little further afield, Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, is a haven for families and nature lovers.

Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre in Glen Waverley has a 50 metre swimming pool, gym and fitness classes. Aqualink in Box Hill, also has a pool, gym and fitness classes and is close to Forest Hill accommodation.

Being close to parks, recreation facilities and schools, the east of Melbourne is very family-friendly. That's why so many families requiring a relocation apartment, choose to stay in the east of Melbourne. For families seeking accommodation with more space, townhouse accommodation in Glen Waverley and Forest Hill provides extra room, and safe areas for children to play outside.  


5. Take Your time

If you are relocating to Melbourne or visiting for a few months, the best way to feel at home is to allow yourself time. You can't rush the process of finding your favourite cafe, gym class or the fruit shop that sells the best seasonal plums. The little discoveries that make a place feel like your own, only happen over time. And the process of making connections also takes time. That's why giving yourself up to 6 months to feel at home is important.

If you are relocating to Melbourne for work and looking for a permanent place to live, give yourself the time to explore the areas you like before you settle on a permanent place. In the mean time seek out quality serviced accommodation in the area that provides a choice of relocation apartments and townhouses.

5 Tips To Help Adjust When You Move To Melbourne:

  • 1. Get To Know Public Transport: Get out and explore Melbourne on public transport. It's easy and you'll learn fast.
  • 2. Use Local & Online Services: Download local apps and research local restaurants, shopping areas, markets, parks, and recreational facilities near to where you are staying. 
  • 3. Talk To People: Ask people questions and don't be afraid to chat to locals. Connections are important when you move to a new city.
  • 4. Take A Walk: Explore your surroundings on foot. Its a great way to find a place you would like to settle in more permanently
  • 5. Take Your Time: Allow yourself enough time to get to know Melbourne. If you plan on settling permanently, stay in long term serviced accommodation while you decide where you want to settle.


Finding Long Term Accommodation Melbourne

Depending on whether you are staying just a couple of nights or seeking long term accommodation in Melbourne, the amount of space you need, and the level of service you require may differ. Staying in serviced accommodation or a relocation apartment provides all the advantages of living at home, with assistance when you need it and regular cleaning that makes life a whole lot easier. Affordable serviced accommodation provides a home-like base from which to explore and get to know Melbourne, while you wait to find a more permanent home.


Park Avenue Serviced Apartments

Park Avenue serviced apartments provide stylish serviced accommodation in Melbourne's prestigious eastern suburbs. Catering for families and those who require long term accommodation for relocation, we have a range of townhouses and apartments to suit.

Browse our properties or contact us for assistance. When you book direct with us, we can offer you the best price on your stay. We look forward to hosting you at our Melbourne accommodation. 

Posted (12-Jun-2019)

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